Convert Project to folder then back to project

Let’s say one project became one large topic, encompassing multiple projects (like find a new job)…and you want to keep all those projects linked…But NOT keep a separate folder when wrapping things up. Is there a way to do this?

I keep a minimal number of folders

I use tags more liberally.Long time Evernote user…have hundreds of tags there, which has been very useful.But have tried to minimize my number of tags in OF for simplicity…but having a harder time finding the project I’m looking for…that may be another topic:)


What about using bookmarks? Those are tasks that exist to point to other projects. You put the link to another project in the notes field, and you can click through to ther other project.

I use this when projects are related. You can also make a hub project that only conains bookmarks to the other projects that you need to pursue. Each project has a linkback task that brings the hub back up.

How do you create a bookmark?

Remember that you can drop a folder. I would make a topic folder and change its status to dropped when everything is done. If all the projects are completed this won’t change their status.

  • Highlight a project title
  • Select Edit>Copy As Link or use right-click context menu
  • Make a new task and title it appropriately
  • Paste the link into the notes field.

You can get fancier, but that’s the basics. You can put the bookmark anywhere, especially in other projects, and it gives you a link back to the bookmarked project.

Brilliant suggestion…

Glad you like it.

Some fancier tips:

• you can make a bookmark tag so you can exclude them from Perspectives
• you can automate the process using Keyboard Maestro so the whole process is done in one keystroke

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