Convert project to single action, auto new 'miscellaneous' project challenge

I often bring projects down to tasks, and rather than naturally setting it in the appropriate project or single action list, it always creates a new project at the top level which is never useful, I have Personal and Business as my two top level ‘Projects’ and a ‘miscellaneous’ top level ‘project’ would never ever be used.

It also takes me away from the current project I am in and into the ‘miscellaneous’ project when I convert and have to delete the miscellaneous folder everytime.

It’s only a small thing but would help workflow if there are any ideas.

Or would be a good addition to OF if we could choose the project when converting down from projects to actions


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I just noticed this myself, at least on the iOS version (I don’t have a Mac). I’m guessing it’s because if you have a project in a folder then when you convert to an action it needs to move somewhere - since I believe folders can only hold other folders and projects and not actions?

However, in cases where you’re converting a project that’s held in a folder to an action, it would be much nicer in my opinion to have a popup which prompts you for the project in which to place the resultant action.

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