Convert Task to Project (In Current Folder): OmniJS PlugIn (Mac/iOS)

Sometimes, it is useful to convert a Task to a Project inside the current folder. If the Project is not in a Folder, the Project is created at the root of the database.

Thanks to the wonderful help of @draft8 and the library, I did this cross-platform OmniJS PlugIn.




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I do this all the time! I guess I finally have a reason to dig into omni automation. Thank you!

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New version using convertTasksToProjects() method and parentFolder property included in recent updates of OmniFocus API.

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This is the updated link:

Noob question 😄: I see that after opening the script it is placed into the “Automation” menu. Is there a way to use this automation instead when doing “CMD + !”?

Yes, you can assign a shortcut to it.

Automation > Configure...

Oh thanks! I should have seen that 😄

I get the following message:

The key combination “Command + Shift + 1” can’t be used because it’s already used by the menu item:

“Automation ▸ Convert Tasks to Projects (Here)”.

I guess we must use a shortcut that is not already used.

Thanks for the reply 🙏

This is true if you try to manually assign a key combo (1) in the Automation ▸ Configure… menu and (2) OmniFocus already uses that key combo.

But, if you use a Keyboard Maestro macro to trigger the automation (using a hotkey trigger and the Select or Show Menu Item action) the Keyboard Maestro macro will override OmniFocus and allow you to use whatever key combo you like — even one that OmniFocus has already assigned to another command!

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For anyone wishing that the automation would place the newly created project at the end of the list of projects in the current folder, simply change line 25 to read:

) : location.ending