Convert text to shape?

Is there any way to convert text to a shape? Or (what I really want) a way to stroke an outline around the letters in a piece of text?

Don’t think OG will be of much help converting text to outline. Photoshop or Illustrator would be the traditional go-to tools I think. But thought these are very capable programs, they are costly and take a while to get to know. I would suggest you take a look at iDraw, a budget but very capable vector drawing package. And for your specific purpose; it has a convert text to outline function - easy as pie.

If you do go the route of iDraw to convert your text but want to stay working in OG for the majority of your work, you will need to copy your converted text from iDraw to OG. This works fine but requires a few specific settings to the outlined text in iDraw. With your text selected in iDraw, deselect the ‘fill’ attribute and do select the ‘stroke’ attribute. Make changes to stroke color and width as you see fit. Now you’re ready to copy and past. OG receives the text as an image which limits additional edits in OG. Depending on what you want to do with the text in OG, you may want to copy the entire sentence all at once or character by character.

Good luck

GREAT info - thanks for the reply!