Convert Waiting For item to Follow Up task (AppleScript?)

I’m trying to figure out a way to convert a Waiting For action into a Follow Up type action and move it to my Inbox or into a user selected context. More particularly, I’d like to be able to scan down through my long list of Waiting For actions, select one that I think is due for a Follow Up (phone, email, whatever) and convert it from a Waiting For to a Follow Up item, and put that Follow Up item in my Inbox (or, perhaps, in a context selected by me on the fly).

This seems like something that would be a candidate for an AppleScript, but I’m not much of a scripter, and can’t seem to find a script like this while browsing on the web.

Does anyone know of a script like this? Any other suggestions for how to do this?

(FYI I’m running OF 2.02 on Mavericks 10.9.4.)


If it were me I would try adapting Curt Clifton’s “Complete and Await Reply” script. It seems like fiddling a bit with the variables would do it.

I’ve tried fiddling with that one, and with another called, I believe, Delegate, but haven’t managed to find the “magic” to make either work for me. I thought the Delegate script might work, but I can’t seem to get it to change the context for the Follow Up item to something other than the original Waiting For context of the task I’m trying to follow up on.

If i don’t misunderstand you purpose, you can set a FollowUp perspective based on your “Waiting For” context items. You can use “Flag” "Differ time"Or “due time” to mark your waiting for actions, which can be used as filter to set the perspective.