Converting actions to projects, projects to actions etc

So I can do this, on IOS, ‘actions to projects’ AND ‘projects to actions’

Just currently doing my first review on a Mac, using the OF free trial software. And I would like to convert a particular ‘project’ into an ‘action’ now. how do I do this without doing it manually? Is there no ability to do this like on IOS?

I tried searching the help menu in OF but nothing came up.

And while I am here, does anybody know by any chance the full scale abilities of OF2 on the MAC regarding this? for example, can we convert projects to folders yet, etc…

Any advice greatly appreciated, just getting used to this OF software on the MAC. :-)

Hi there! Converting actions to projects and vice versa is done by drag and drop - if you drag an action in to the project sidebar, it will become a project (and vice versa).

Neither can be converted to a folder, as folders are simple containers, and don’t have the attributes that projects and actions have (context, due, defer, flag, repeat, etc.)




thanks buddy