Converting or copying column value to become parent topic

I use OO5 a LOT. Lots of text items as I’m writing an essay. But I then find it necessary to use a column to name one key theme word I’ve identified in each paragraph. For example, the paragraph is about “leadership” - so I enter “leadership" into a rich text column adjacent to that paragraph. I name a few of them and then convert to a pop-up list. I then sort them. (If as I’m going along, there’s one that I haven’t entered into the popup, then I either convert to rich text again and enter it, or go directly into the inspector and add it.)

Now, the question is: if I’ve got say ~ 15 theme words, e.g. “leadership”, “policy” etc. and I want to create a parent item of those same key words and put all the respective material under that parent, is there an easier way to do this than a) manually naming a new parent line, b) then manually moving all those items with that same theme under it?

I guess I’m looking for something similar to a “group by values in column” function but one that actually creates a named section header using that value.

Help appreciated.

This doesn’t fully solve your problem but it might reduce the time you spend dealing with it.

If you create a ‘filter’ for one of your theme words, using the ‘include group hierarchy…’ setting, then every row that matches the theme will be isolated. You can quickly select them and then Organize > Group the selected rows.

You’ll have to enter the theme at that point but by using copy and paste, and then re-using the same filtre, you should be able to cycle through all your themes in less time than would be required otherwise. Of course, if you have only a handful of entries for a theme, then it might be simpler to forego the filtre and just select those rows and then Group.