Copy and Paste loses formatting

Hello all,

First time post. I hope I’m following guidelines.

I’m using a custom template for my documents, and for a while I have this issue that didn’t always exist. Whenever I copy and paste a row with subrows underneath, it will only preserve the formatting (bold, underline etc) of the highest row. Any subsequent row that was pasted along with the top row will lose its formatting.

I’m not a pro Outliner user. I’m assuming it’s something to do with the Style Attributes set for the document, but as far as I can tell there’s no styling that should be getting in the way of preserving the original format. I do have some formatting for the 1st or 2nd level rows, but not for the 3-5th rows that I’m copying and pasting from.

I’ve attached what the ‘whole document style attribute’ has been set as for the rows I’m pasting in to.

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 14.26.29

What happens when you ‘paste with original style’? (⌥⇧⌘V)

Hey Mockman thanks for the reply.

If I do “paste with original style” it gives me the exact same result. The first/highest row is properly bolded, but any other indented row underneath it is not bolded.

And just to clarify, I JUST realised that every other part of the formatting is retained except the BOLD. I assumed I lost underline, italics and strikethrough as well, but it seems those parts are kept and only the bold is lost. (I was pretty sure I lost underline as well, but they’re showing up at the moment).

I find the formatting a bit inconsistent. For complicated formatting, I use applescripts. And sometimes I get the same effects that you get. Might be worth emailing tech support to find out if there is a way to manage it.

Thanks Mockman for that. I didn’t even know AppleScript was a possibility! I’ll email tech support and see what they say. Appreciate the help.

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