Copy as Link and Paste as Text with link

So currently:

  • enter text in omni outliner
  • copy as link
  • paste as results in pasting the link
    – pastes the link

How do we?

  • do the above but when you paste
  • pastes the original text from the row but linked to the source row
    (sure you can copy text > paste text to new location > copy as link previous row > select text > command+K then paste the link in the interface)

is there a way to do the above with a key combination?

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Any update on this?

You could make a macro with Keyboard Maestro, triggered by a key combination.

I do a very similar workflow between DEVONthink and OmniOutliner. (Copy text in DT, switch to OO, paste the text, create an indented row below the pasted-text, switch back to DT, copy the item link, switch to OO, paste the link into the indented row, then collapse the row.) Instant.

This Keyboard Maestro macro:

copies (in markdown link format) both a link to the active OO document, and a link to the particular OO row (using the text of that row as a label).



from a selection like:


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(Nice of you to reveal more of your identity @draft8.) :-)

I forgot to say that in addition to the Markdown text of label and link, it also copies a rich text (RTF) version of both links to the clipboard, so if you paste into a rich text editor like:

  • An OmniOutliner note
  • TextEdit

etc (rather than pasting into a plain text editor),

you will get the underlined blue hyperlink format for both the file link and the row link.

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As an alternative, in applescript, you can get the link from copy as link using id and then construct the row link, like so…

set rowID to id of item 1 of selected rows


set rowID to id of child 2 of document 1

and then…

set rowLink to "omnioutliner:///open?row=" & rowID

Meanwhile, this thread discusses how to ‘enlink’ the contents of a topic (useful stuff begins about 10 posts in):

There are various approaches you could take to implementing this (e.g. get the text and link of the selected row, delay x seconds while you then click on the destination row, deposit the source text and link it to the source row, or maybe make a child row of the selection, put the text/link there, and then you can cut/paste that row wherever) and you could then likely assign a keyboard shortcut using the standard automator approach. For myself, regarding the script in the linked post above, I am comfortable with accessing it using the script menu but I don’t run it that often.