Copy Format - Paintbrush Issues

I need help with what appears to be a simple process but never works for me.

I am trying to copy and paste the formatting (outline color, fill color, and font size/style) from one object to another.

Here is what I have tried:

-Select my object I want to copy
-Click and select the paintbrush (copy format) tool
-The paintbrush icon is now active on pointer and I select the destination

The issue is that when I try and select the source item it never copies and some format for many projects ago is still in copy. I use similar tools on other apps and it should work similar to above

Any help greatly appreciated34 AM (screenshot below

If you click on the small down arrow on your Style Brush tool icon in the toolbar, you should see an option to Clear Contents. Make sure when you click on the down arrow by the brush that all of the options you want to copy are checked. Try Clear Contents, and then click on the object you want to replicate and then click another graphic.

If that does not get your style brush working as you expect, please contact us from Help>Contact Omni. We’d be glad to troubleshoot this with you.