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When attempting to copy a link to a project/task in the note field of another task, it just gives me texted info about the task/project instead of a direct link that I can click on to go to the task/project.

I do not have this problem on Mac. Only on IPad. It is really killing my workflow.

Please advise.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I haven’t.

So essentially, It is “Copy as Link” that seems to be missing on iPad. This option appears on Mac.
I used to be able to trick it by Share, Copy and pasting into a task title which would produce the link for which I would then move straight into the notes field.
If I attempted to paste directly into the task notes field, it would not generate the correct format. Now, my workaround no longer seems to work all the time

MAC Copy as Link

OmniFocus 3 for Mac has a Copy as Link command. As you discovered, this feature isn’t available on OmniFocus 3 for iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone/iPad, copying a task puts TaskPaper code on the clipboard.

To get around this limitation, you can install the Copy Link to Selected Object plug-in from the Omni Automation website. You’ll get instructions for installing this plug-in when you tap the Download Plug-In button.

On a side note, Copy as Link is one of the many new features being added to the iPhone/iPad in OmniFocus 4 (currently in TestFlight).

I hope this helps!


Thank you, Tim.

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Thank you Tim. I shall look into your workaround.

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Thanks Tim, it worked for me!

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