Correct behaviour of the Search field


I’ve created a perspective called Searching which seems to enable me to search across the entire database, a little clunky but it works.

When I’ve finished my search and switched to another perspective I’ve noticed that the Search persists and is applied to the next perspective - this is not what I was expecting so I am wondering if this is by design or perhaps a small bug.

I find that if you then choose another perspective the search filed is cleared.

What is the expected behaviour of the Search field?


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+1 for a more robust search feature. There have been other threads talking about enhancing quick open to include full-test of issues. There are so many times where I think to myself days or weeks later “did I add this to OF2?” even though I know I probably did but want a quick way to just double check.

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Is anyone able to comment on whether the behaviour I describe is by design?

If not I will log it as a bug.

I’m pretty sure everything is working by design. I have logged a feature request for global search and/or inclusion of tasks in Quick Open (which is slick) so that it can act as a global search, allowing the toolbar search to continue to act as a filter.