Corruption? Any help appreciated :-)

Hello :-)

I have been using OmniGraffle 6 without issues for a long time. Today all of my files have an odd issue on some of the layers but not all layers. I am getting an infinitely sized green panel covering half the page. I can’t click on it but if I try, it seems to clear in blocks wherever the cursor is. If I zoom out the page zooms out but the green panel still fills the screen. If I select and cut all of the objects from the page and paste them onto a brand new layer, the green panel goes with the objects. If I create a brand new file with brand new canvas and layer, and paste in the cut objects, the green panel comes across. Even if I drag and drop the layer into a brand new file, the panel comes across.

So I cannot now view, edit and use many really important diagrams across multiple files because of this :-|

Incidentally, all of my files are synchronised onto Dropbox, so I went to Dropbox to see if I could roll back to an earlier version in History…but Dropbox is not storing history for any of my OmniGraffle files :-(

So, any help would be appreciated! Has anyone seen this before and fixed it?

Many thanks,

OmniGraffle 6.6.1 (v169.20 Mac App Store — Pro Edition)

Feel free to send us the document from Help>Contact Omni. You can check to anonymize the file, where it will replace all letters with the letter x. We might be able to help! We are glad to take a look.