Cost exception for a resource

I often have this situation: A freelancer would work for free for a special task (e.g. inspection of a location). I’d like to assign his resource to the task ‘location inspection’ to see he’s occupied, but I don’t want his costs in the calculation. If I reduce the effort to ‘0’, the duration goes to ‘0’, too. If I type ‘0% out of 100%’ under 'Assignments’, the resource vanishes from the task. Is there any possibility to assign a resource to a task but with an cost exception?

@TimBF The exact functionality you’re looking for does not currently exist in OmniPlan. However, if you’re concerned about the total task cost, entering a negative cost value for this task might allow you to work around this limitation.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, that helps. Would love to have the ‘cost exception function’ in the next update, but this will do it for now.
Best Tim

@TimBF I’ll file a feature request for the functionality you’re looking for in our development database - we’ll keep your use-case in mind as we continue to develop OmniPlan!