Cost of OmniGraffle Pro for iOS

Again I wish that I had been born rich instead of good-looking!

I would love to own OG3 Pro for iOS, but it is very expensive for us paupers. Users in the UK are doubly hammered as we get it for UKP99 in the UK, whereas it is USD99 in the States, which equates to £77 according to a few moments ago. So, lovely looking product, but one that I can’t afford. Paypal donations to … just joking!


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Be happy, in Swedish store it’s GBP 106 or USD 136


I completely agree! Omnigroup overprices their products big-time and it seems like they don’t even care about competing with products like Sketch app.

There should be an educational discount on these products. I know Apple doesn’t allow different price plans, but it should despite that be possible to have another price plan one way or another regardless of the policies.

There are education discounts for Omni products. A search for “Omni education discounts” returns:

Don’t forget that VAT adds 20% to the cost in the UK, so the proper equivalent of the US price is £82.50

I suppose that I need to re-think how I buy software products at the moment it goes:

OmniFocus = vital = buy it
AN Other software - would be nice to have/could be a useful tool - buy it

When paid upgrades come around, I often realise that I have barely used the software, so I need to think more about what represents value.

Do US types pay additional tax at the App Store checkout?

They pay a state sales tax if the supplier is in the same state (if you buy form someone in another state, no tax). Generally, I think state sales taxes run around 6-8% but they vary.

I imagine that Apple has this set up so that the purchase comes from outside the US so there’s no sales tax.

The education discount will only work if I buy for macOS, not iOS.

You’re right - apologies for the mistake