Could Apple Watch recognize cue words when adding new items?

Adding a new item to the Inbox is great on Apple Watch – hard press and speak. (I assume it is Siri that is listening here.) It would be greater if the Watch/iPhone recognized some cue words – “Project” and “Context”, and dates and times. So speaking

"Add accept Nobel Prize to project Awards context Travel" 

would at the item to the requested project/context


"Add speech to UN Tuesday at 3 pm"

Siri already knows how to do that last example, BTW.

I agree, this would be awesome! However, you’re right: it is Siri that’s listening, not OmniFocus. And while OmniFocus can grab reminders that Siri creates, the app still relies on Siri to parse all the metadata that you’re speaking.

This means that without a way of extending the set of key words that Siri understands to include “project” and “context,” OmniFocus is unfortunately incapable of automatically filing tasks in the right project or context. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Siri to get a little smarter, though!

Siri sends you a stream of text. You can parse it yourself.