Could really use a 'Is Deferred' rule for custom perspectives

I have a tag ‘Waiting’ that I use when I’m waiting for someone to get back to me.

It has a status of ‘On Hold’ so that items I am waiting for do not show as available actions.

I also have a fair number of repeating action groups that happen yearly. Something like:

Annual tree maintenance

  • Email person to schedule annual tree maintenance
  • Receive reply from person about annual maintenance (Waiting)

I have this deferred to a particular time each year and repeat yearly.

Trying to put together a ‘Waiting’ perspective, there seems to be no way to show items that are:

Not past the deferred date

There is a perspective rule whether an action has a deferred date. But there’s no rule to include/exclude based on whether an action is past its deferred date.

Is there any way to do what I am trying to do in a custom perspective that I am not thinking of?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I have a similar perspective for my digital tickler file. I too wish there was a perspective rule to include/exclude deferred items based on whether the deferred date has expired.

For now, I setup my perspective with the rule 'has a defer date = true" and I group actions by defer date. Then I open the perspective, I collapse all drop down groups but the TODAY group, and I save the perspective. This way, each time I open the perspective, I see all available items for which the defer date expired today.

Thank you. In my case, the custom perspective has a mix of items with and without deferred dates.

Grouping by defer date makes it much easier to find those without defer dates or with defer dates that have passed.

And that makes me realize I need two things. I also need to filter out actions that are not available because they are in a project/action group that is sequential, and the prior action hasn’t happened yet.

Or, put another way, I need a way to show all the actions with the Waiting tag where the only reason the action is not available is because of the tag being an On Hold tag.

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