Couple of general usage questions (autosave?; auto layout)

Hi again.

  1. Wondering if Omnigraffle does autosave? I can’t find a preference and I’m nervous I’ll lose too much work if something crashes.

  2. Is it possible to keep boxes within the swimlanes they were placed in when using auto layout?

  3. Can you force arrows to come out of only one magnet and only in one magnet? i.e. in a left to right process map, exit arrow are always leaving the middle magnet on the right side, and input arrow are always entering the middle magnet on the left side of a shape?



  1. No, but since macOS does, you get this from Apple! See for some details on that.

  2. Not currently. This is a feature request. I’d suggest using the alignment inspector on the object inspector as your best way to keep relative distance. Please email us a request from Help>Contact Omni so we can be sure to track your support for this feature.

  3. Yes. Magnets are attachment points for both incoming and outgoing lines. It sounds like you may have too many magnets on your graphics currently and you need to set fewer magnets on these graphics in the Properties inspector. Try using the magnet tool to set up just 1 magnet for routing all lines if you only have outgoing lines, or set up 2 magnets and route incoming lines to one magnet and outgoing lines through the other magnet. You may also want to experiment with turning off route lines through center in properties with your lines selected if you want arrows pointing directly to the magnet instead of to the center of the shape through the magnet. Both are possible.


Thank you @lanettetest.

  1. I’ve used mac since the late 80s but never saw this change in the OS. Very cool. I’ll have to test this. Thanks!

  2. I’ll post something on the Help>Contact Omni.

  3. I apologize, I missed an important point in my question above. The issue of control for the magnets on an object is together with the auto-layout.

I don’t have too many magnets as far as I can tell. I have one on the left side of an object/shape and one on the right side. In order for the auto-layout to work properly for a left to right process map, I’d have to be able to ensure that the in arrow is only happening on 1 magnet (left side) and the out arrow only from the right side. Otherwise the process map auto layout won’t work right. I suspect it isn’t possible but I thought I’d ask anyways.

Thanks again.

Oh! That’s a tough one with automatic layout as there are so many factors at play. Sometimes an extra midpoint on your line can help, but not always. Feel free to send us an example of the issue. If you choose Contact Omni, you’ll have an option to attach a file and also anonymize it. If you choose to anonymize the data, it will replace all of your text with the letter x. That might give us the best chance of suggesting a useful solution, especially if you let us know what your diagram layout settings are.