Crash: Cannot read database

I just opened OmniFocus 2 on my iPhone 5 and got a database error. After clicking OK, everything is totally gone – all settings, tasks, etc. I can probably sync from the Omni Sync Server to recover most stuff, unless there’s another option. Ideas?

Ouch. I’d check on other platforms if all is ok (eg. check backups on Mac), and then sync again :S
Did you try to get in touch with Omni Support?

Emailed, waiting for their reply. Will probably either restore from iOS backup or from the sync database instead of waiting.

I found a solution myself. Restoring from the Omni Sync Server got my tasks / projects / contexts / perspectives back, but my iPhone-specific settings were gone (e.g. what perspectives are on the home screen, which calendars are shown vs hidden in forecast mode). Luckily, I have a monthly ritual (a repeating OF task, actually) of making a local iOS backup in addition to my nightly iCloud backup. From that, I was able to:

  1. Use iPhone Backup Extractor to recover my old com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2.iPhone.plist, then
  2. Close out OmniFocus entirely (inc. from the backgrounded apps), then
  3. Use iFunBox to restore the plist.

Worked like a charm, I’m back in business.

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