Crash on launch

OmniPresence works fine on my desktop, but crashes on launch on my laptop. Has anyone experienced this and solved it? I’ve already tried multiple things suggested by Omni tech support. This has been going on since Yosemite.

I have moved any files I could out of my OmniPresence folder and into Dropbox. The only files in the OmniPresence folder are the ones I might need to use on both iPad and desktop computer, but not on my laptop. When going on a trip, I reinstall OmniPresence on the laptop, move the relevant files into the OP folder, and hope for the best. If I’m lucky there is no crash until I get back home. Alas, I’m not always lucky.

According to the very nice people at Omni, the problem is with connection issues. Yet none of the other ways I sync suffer from those. Dropbox, Yojimbo, Mail, all work fine. OmniPresence not only crashes, but has to be reinstalled each time.