Crash when selecting specific perspective in "Show Perspectives"

I upgraded a week ago and after upgrading all my devices, I upgraded my perspectives including my custom ones to the OF3 format through the “Show Perspectives” interface.

After that, I wanted to go back and inspect the settings but found that out of my perspectives, there’s one that causes OF3 to crash to CrashReporter. While this isn’t blocking me at the moment, because the perspective appears to work as intended I don’t like the idea of OF3 randomly deciding to crash on one of my precious perspectives. What if it becomes less precious and I want to edit/update the underlying filter? What if it falls out of grace and I want to delete it?

Have you observed similar issues and are there any known fixes? E.g. I can add the same perspective under a different name, replicating it’s settings and everything is fine, so I was wondering if there’s a way to delete perspectives without selecting them in the perspective view?

Looking at other problems with perspectives I found the following solution:

  1. I restored OF2 from Time Machine
  2. Synchronized
  3. Saw that the “rogue perspective” was the only one showing up and hence suspected
  4. That the conversion failed (to complete) and that this caused OF3 to crash

I deleted the perspective, recreated it in OF3 (finetuning it with the great features in there) et voila: It works.

Perhaps OF2 to OF3 perspective conversion needs fixing, but with respect to my original post above, my issue is resolved.

Hey @warpx! Thanks for your question — and for following up with a solution! That’ll be a great resource if anyone else is hitting the same crash.

If you still have it handy (or remember the settings), I’d be curious to take a look at the perspective that was causing the crash. We can often diagnose these kinds of issues better if we know what data is triggering the issue. If you have it, and don’t mind, would you email in a screenshot of the perspective settings? If not, no worries, and thanks again!

Similar problem here; I have a rogue perspective. If I touch in in the editor in any way OF3 crashes. I can however “start” it and it works and is usable. Just can’t edit it nor delete it.

Hi @tekl! I’m sorry but I converted the perspective after it was fixed I deleted OF2.

The settings were set to show all available tasks from four contexts grouped by project. In fact, other than the contexts, it had the exact settings of another perspective with one difference, the other perspective was limited in scope by only taking projects into account that were in a certain folder. This perspective flawlessly converted and I used it to restore the rogue perspective.

I hope this helps.

It does, thanks! I appreciate the followup.