Create a network schema with perspective view

Good mornig to all of you.
I’m an 6.7 version user and I’d like to create perspective network schema like this one

Have you got any suggestion to do that?

Thank you very much.


Sorry, but OmniGraffle does not currently offer any 3D drawing tools, so unfortunately there’s no way at this time to apply a perspective grid or isometric skew to shapes like you’ve illustrated here. I’ve let the team know you’d like to see such features added in a future release. We can’t work in every feature that our users suggest, but we really appreciate them, and we can promise that each suggestion will be read and considered. Thanks for letting us know that’d benefit your use, and in the meantime at least, I’m sorry to disappoint!

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Aaron, thank you very much. I do really love Omnigraffle and the way it works. Perspective template, of course, is not something that add “real value” but it is just a different (another), way to draw the same things, supposing to give them more appeal.

By the way, I could (I guess), fast resolve my issue if only the segment tool could be orientated (with fixed snap), in 30 degress as well. :-D

Could it be faster?

Thank you very much and all of my respect for your excellent job.

+1, I really waiting this feature request.
I often use 3d in my schemas with Omnigraffl but it is quite difficult and spend a lot of time. I am doing with the next steps:

  1. Create new layer;
  2. Placing in it 2 dotted lines with 33.3 degrees (2 different angles: from top-left to bot-right and from bot-left to top-right)
  3. Then I just move my guides (that I’ve created in paragraph # 2) to start position line of my object and adjust this line manually, if guide lines get in the way I just lock layer with them

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