Create a Project template

Hi All,
I’m completely new to the Applescript world and therefore this question.

Is it possible to create a script that sets up a completer project with allt the steps and task? Then only input variable should be the Project name and the script should set up everything else?


Here’s a really refined solution. I use it often for school administration projects that have the same steps.

For some reason I cannot open the suggested website for the Project template script. I also wanted to ask if there an updated script to use for a project template.

This is where the above-referenced template script lives now. The old site is down.

Thanks TheWart. Can you give me a few more directions on what to do when I get to the new link. I am out of my depth.

I’d be happy to. Can you follow the directions under the “Installation” and “Using the Script” headings at the link above, or is there something there that is confusing?

“Download this repository” refers to the green button on the right side of the page “clone or download.” Once you click it, you should see another option “Download ZIP” which will place the file in your Downloads folder.

Thanks! I found the video too. For some reason, it looks easier for me to simply copy and paste the tasks from my template file rather than to figure out how the template file works. I downloaded it but it still seems complicated.