Create a quote of the day in omni focus

Is there a way to show quote of the day in Omni Focus? A different random quote everyday from a list of quotes I have entered as “tasks”? The quote disappears whether it has marked as done or not at the end of the day and new quote is show the next day?


Cool idea. I assume this is for productivity inspiration.
Q? In a perfect scenario, where do you expect the quote-of-day to appear?


It would appear in the due Today perspective.

This would in my opinion pollute your tasks database and really is not what OF is designed for.

Tasks should be actionable and and once completed removed. Apologies but I just see this as a something for OmniFocus should not be used for.

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I think that can probably be left to the customers to decide :-)

( it’s just a piece of office stationery – not a religion )

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I thought that going through a stressful day or looking at the your day’s tasks and seeing something inspirational or calming might do some good.

I did say “in my opinion” and as you said let people decide and that was what I decided.

Indeed it might, I just do not think OF is the best medium to display it. I am guessing there are a myriad of apps or utilities to display this type of thing, apologies if I came across abrupt I was typing on a phone and sentences seem to always come out shorter.

No need to apologize.
Appreciate the feedback.

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