Create Action from Link in clipboard (fetch HTML-title automatically)

I often find myself creating actions from hyperlinks. I usually copy the link into the clipboard, switch to OmniFocus and create an action from it. For this purpose, I paste the link into the note section to make it clickable. Then, I go back to the browser, copy the HTML title and paste it into the action title field.

If OmniFocus could do this automatically for me, it would be a huge timesaver. Apps like Todoist or Bear are a great example for that. When pasting a link into a fresh, empty action, I’d like OmniFocus to do something like this:

I usually use a send to OF bookmarklet for this, it gives me the title as the task name and the URL in the notes field. I also have a shortcut running on iOS that does the same thing.



If the hyperlinks are webpages in Safari, you could use the Share button. You will then get a dialog box where you could call the task whatever you want. The link to the webpage will automatically be pasted into the note field.

If you have any text selected on a webpage, you could also use the command ”Send to inbox” in the Services submenu (in the Safari menu). That will also create a task with the link in the note field, this time with the selected text as task name.

Thank you for your answers so far!

The Share Extension does not allow the selection of a project. The bookmarklet is better at this: It opens the more extensive Quick-Add-Window.

I’d still appreciate a handy way of adding links to project lists directly. Should not be a big of a deal for Omni.

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