Create file in iCloud?

Is it possible to create a new OmniOutliner file directly in an iCloud folder? Or, do I need to create it locally or in OmniPresence and then move it to iCloud?

I’ve been wondering this myself as I haven’t found a way directly.

I’ve had to create it locally then use the Files app to move it to iCloud. Once it’s there it can be opened:

  • From the Files app
  • From OO in Locations/Open…
  • From OO in Locations/Recent Documents

Neither me found the way…

It is not possible to do this currently as we don’t have permission to create files outside of the app’s sandbox. The new file browser framework that Files is built on was designed to allow this but it lacks almost any customization so we’re still working out how to provide the best experience.


I’ll add my vote request the ability to create files in the files app, rather the the current workaround to create files locally then move them to iCloud (or Dropbox in my case).

Does this mean we can’t live-edit-without-moving files from any cloud storage currently?

No it doesn’t mean that. You can edit in place files stored on any provider you’re able to open it directly from, such as iCloud. The issue of this thread is that you can’t directly create new files in iCloud, you must move the file there after creating it. After moving it, you can edit it and have your changes automatically synced.


I recently purchased OO for macOS and iPad and came across this thread, as I’ve been trying to do the same thing. I realize that the inability to create new OO documents in iCloud is an iOS limitation, which I hope Apple will address. In the meantime, after I create a document on my iPad, I should move the file to iCloud rather than exporting it (which would leave two copies, one on the iPad and the other in iCloud), correct? Thanks!

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It would be really cool, if this could be adressed somehow. In my opinion it is really sad, that iOS Files is not not a Finder on the Mac where you can open a File within Finder in any desired App you want, but the changes are still being saved on the File in the Finder…

Obviously a late reply, but for anyone running across this thread, this is now possible as of v3.4 which requires iOS 13. We’ve switched to using Apple’s file browser which gives you the ability to create files in any location it supports.

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