Create holidays in project

mac-review-guide says the below “Select the Extra & Off Hours button to create exceptions to the normal schedule (for holidays, for example) or an individual resource (for example, a vacation).The regular schedule appears with a green, dotted outline. Extra hours are represented by blue blocks and red ones represent off hours.” how do I make the extra hours to Red ?

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My main problem is i need to take those holidays off from the total duration and with extra hours it does not factor for obvious reasons.

It’s far from obvious but the way you create off/holiday time in OP is to select the calendar view then click on the Extra & Off Hour button at the bottom left of the OP calendar view. Once there find the day(s) you want to add off hours then hold down the shift button while dragging the pointer to create off hours. You’ll see the pointer change to a red minus to indicate it is in off hour mode. If no assignee is selected then you are assigning global off hours. If one or more assignees are selected then off hour assignments pertain only to those selected.
Personally, Omni needs to do more work to make this sort of thing more intuitive.


Thanks a lot wfiveash. Hope Omni is listening - there is a mention in the guide but its not obvious to me - “The green blocks represent blocks of working time. Drag in the empty space to set a day and time range or
drag the edge of a block to edit its hours. Select a block to delete or hold the shift key and drag to delete
part of a block.”


Far from obvious is an understatement.
I registered on here just to say THANK YOU for explaining how to do that :)

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In a IT project there has a tough schedule to to complete it.We will not be able to take holiday until we complete the project.

In an IT project there has a tough schedule to complete it. We will not be able to take holiday until we complete the project.

I also registered just to say Thanks!

I also agree that this was not obvious in the slightest. Perhaps adding a help entry is needed.

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I have the same problem, and I found both the answer and this issue.
There is a way to fix this out on the Support of Omni
u can see here

hope it could helpful

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