Create internal link which opens in a new window

If i put an OF internal link in the notes for a task, it opens in the same window when I click on it.

How do I edit e.g. omnifocus:///perspective/Waiting to make it open in a new window?

You don’t edit the link, but your perspective.

See the box “Open in a new window” at the bottom of this screenshot? That’s what you want to change.

Thanks for going to the trouble of replying, but that’s not the issue. The perspective is set to open in a new window exactly as per your screeny.

The code has been in that notes field as part of my morning review since OF1 days, and used to generate a new window when clicked. Not any more…

Uh-oh… you’re absolutely right. I’ve just tested in OF1 and OF2 and it behaves differently.
Hmmm… Guess you can either wait (and wish) for someone from the Omni staff to reply to this thread or, more effective, submit a support request by hitting Help>Contact Omni and sending them an email — and then for sure they will contact you back ;-)

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Workaround: create a keystroke shortcut for the perspective, and put a reminder in the notes field

It takes a bit of work but here is a way:

Open Script Editor and create a script to open the perspective in a new window. Something like this:

tell application “OmniFocus”
tell default document
set txtURL to (“omnifocus:///perspective/Review”)
tell (make new document window)
end tell

end tell
end tell

Save the script for later editing. Then save it as an application as well.
Make an alias of the app and paste that into the notes of your task.
The first time you run it, it will fail for security reasons, but if you immediately open System Preferences and go the Security and Privacy panel, you can choose “Open Anyway.”

Oddly enough, pasting a copy of the app does not work.
But you can create a link like so: files:///directoryPath/