Create multiple items in quick entry?

Maybe I’m blind, but how to get more than one entry into the quick entry field?

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with modern entry mode on (prefs/general), You simply hit return twice (once to stop editing the first, another time to create a new entry)

Hm, not working here; changing the settings to “classical” doesn’t help. I’m on a MBP.

Control-Return twice will complete the item and starts a second item when you are in the quick entry window. Thank @bradwright for that tip :)

Hitting return twice works in the other windows (looking at a project, or within inbox).

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This is not very intuitive. Maybe we could add a simple + button on the left side of the status bar in the quick entry windows?

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This has been bugging me, too. Thanks for the pointer about Control-Return.

I agree, though, this is not very intuitive.

@babblingdweeb: Thanks for the info. To be honest, your description is not quite correct, it’s double ctrl-return to get to the new entry.
@JeroenSangers: I hope + doesn’t mean mousing?

For me an espected intuitive way would be that the next tab after tabbing to the end of the first entry would create a second entry and immediatly detabbing would auto-delete the new created entry. (BTW: ctrl-tabwould be a good solution to produce a second quick entry).

I did indeed mean a button which you have to click on with a mouse.

At this moment there is no visual cue at all that it is possible to add several items at once. A + button would solve this issue. If furthermore it could show a tooltip with the actual keyboard shortcut, this function gets discoverable.

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Re my comment on moving to the next line, if anyone has not been paying attention to the release notes: it has changed :)

While entering text into the quick entry box, to finish and start a new action item, you just hit control+return once.

I agree, this is completely unintuitive. I’d like the old style controls back to allow us to customize our workflow, and not just on this feature…

I was able to create a new item with a single Control-Return. This seems intuitive to me. Just to summarize:

  • Return creates the task and closes the quick entry
  • Control-Return creates a second task in the quick entry

@Handzo in OF1 there was an option, return saves or creates new item, that you could set in preferences. Again reduced functionality and increased complexity for something that was an option previously.

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