Create new action in 2.0 changes?

I keep running into a real user interface issue with OF 2

I am very well trained from OF 1 that I can select a single action list or a project and if I press the return key I will get a new action under that project. In 2.0 the same keystroke creates a new project. Is there any way to change the preference for that? I’ve looked but can’t find it.

PS Yes, I know I can use the command N key combination but that’s not what is in my muscle memory.

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If you go to Preferences on the General tab, and select Classic Mode for outlining, you’ll get a new action on pressing return.

Hope that helps!

No it doesn’t.

I already have it set to Classic. What it does is create a new Project, not a new Action in the selected/highlighted project.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue:

Have any project view perspective open in the main window. I have one that is set to show all active projects with remaining action. Select a project in the sidebar. The project is then the only one showing in the main window. Press return. You do not get a new action in that project, you get a new project int eh sidebar.

Now try it in OF 1.10.6
In that one the above sequence will create a new blank action under the selected project ready for editing.

Good point! Yes, that preference is for the outline view (To the right of the sidebar) only.

So my question remains, how do I fix the problem? I want the return key to operate as it did in OF 1.

While it isn’t possible to change the default in the sidebar currently, a few other options to try would be using the outline view to add tasks with classic mode turned on, using keyboard shortcuts (Command+N), or using the context menu (Control+Click) to add a new action item from the sidebar. This isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but one of those methods might be a slightly better fit.

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