Create new project and add action to it without the mouse

I’m looking for a way to create a new project and add action to it without touching my mouse.

Here is what I do to and what I would like to do better :

When I’m in Project view, I click on a folder in my left column and press “Return” to create a new project. I write the name of the new project and press return to validate. Then, I would like to be able to add a new action to this project very quickly, using directly my keyboard and not using the mouse. If I press return again, I would think logically that it would add a new action to my project, but no : it creates a second new project in left column ! I tried every key combination, but I can’t find a way to add a new action to my project using only the keyboard. I have to use the trackpad, click on the project name in the main view, and then only I can press “Return” to add a new action. That’s very annoying because that’s veeeeeery slow ! Project creation and adding task must be something very straightforward and I should be able to do it without touching my mouse !

Please, is there a way to do what I want ?

Thanks for helping,


Hey Gabe, create Your project as described then hit cmd+n and Your first task appears in the list. For the full list of shortcuts see here

Btw, logic is such a weird thing because sometimes it really depends on the viewpoint- I think it’s logical for return to create a new item in the hierarchy I am currently at. I’d be totally confused by Your way of handling the process ;-)

Hey Mat !

Thanks a lot, you save my day ! You’re right, logic is something very personal…

I’m happy with this cmd-n shortcut, so everything’s perfect !

Thanks a lot and have a nice day !


You’re so very welcome, Gabe! It is a good feeling to be able to adress Your questions, having had very similar problems when I started out.

Keep up the spirits, knowing you’re working with the best task manager for individuals I came across ;-)

Thank you mat_rhein ! You’re right and I’m more than 100% convinced that Omnifocus is just the best task manager on the market, no one compares to it !