Create new project

Is there any way on IOS, specifically on the ipad (9.7 pro) of creating a project from scratch whilst in the inbox without

  1. creating a task and turning it into a project
  2. Going to the relevant folder and creating a project there.

I find either method above bumps me out of my flow when I’m doing my weekly review and want to just log that I’m working on a project and move onto the next thing. I can sort out the detail later.

you could use shortcuts to create a new project? (just shout at siri to create it?)


When on the inbox and remember a new project, I usually create the first task of it and when adding to a project simply type the name of the new project, thus creating it in the project list.

I do this too. You can also tap Done and then tap back into the task. Then in the bottom left you have the option to convert to a project. Second glyph from the left.

Thank you all for your suggestions, I was looking for something a lot quicker, shortcuts may be the way to go, but it’s almost a shame to leave OF to do this in another app, even if it is by voice.

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