Create reminder for due date (Apple)


When I set a deadline for a given action in a project, I would like OmniFocus to automatically create a reminder which I can see on my other macOS/iOS devices in Apples Reminders app. Is this possible? Please keep in mind that I really want to use Apple’s reminders, not anything else.


There’s no easy way to do this.

Why would you do this, as opposed to having OmniFocus on all your devices? OF is available everywhere Reminders is.

I am not happy with how OmniFocus and my calendar (Fantastical) integrate as I would like to see a few things automatically highlighted in it (like some deadlines). Instead my only option is to always add new tasks to OmniFocus and then manually add a reminder to the calendar so I can see everything at a glance there. This may not be the way others work, but seeing deadlines in my calendar (as reminders) would be really useful for me. Also I only have OmniFocus on the Mac, as I do not want to spend additional money for using it on another device. If you have other suggestions on better workflows, I will happily listen 😊

Perhaps I don’t understand - my OF populates my Fantastical with reminders? Is there something extra you need besides just appearing?