Creating a Numbered List with Check Lists

I just upgraded for OO5, but I still cannot find what I am looking for. OO has never been intuitive. I still do not get how the styles work. I want to create numbered a list of tasks for a project, and I want that list to be numbered have check boxes, so I can check them off.

I know that there is a template with check boxes, but when I try changing the styles, I get so confused and everything gets really messed up especially if I copy and paste a text from an outside source. I have a mess of a document in terms of fonts and sizes.

The templates on the add for OO5 looks so aesthetically pleasing, I wish I could make them myself.

If anyone can help me understand the logic of the styles will be hugely appreciated. Of course, I want to know also how to add the checkboxes.

Here are the answers to a few of your questions:


View Menu-- Show or Hide Status Checkboxes


Create a new column and change the column type to checkbox

Copy/Paste Text

Under the edit menu

  • Paste will keep the style of where you were copying from
  • Paste with original style will remove the styling of where you are copying from

Styles are easy when you get the hang of them. I figured it out by just playing around-- the documentation is quite good.

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