Creating a perspective that exclude tasks without defer dates

Hello together,

I want to create a todays view. I want to see all available task for today … means defer date is today or earlier. But I also have in OF a lot of tasks without a defer date … they are simply not scheduled and only accessed if I am in the right context. But unfortunately they are also display under available tasks. Is there a way to exclude this tasks that don’t have a defer data?

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It’s not going to help you immediately, but this is possible in OmniFocus 3 by creating a perspective with the following rules:

Thanks. If I will creat this perspective in OF3 on my iPad will this view also be visible on OF2 for Mac?

No, OF 2 doesn’t understand the new perspectives. The macOS beta should be here before too much longer, if you can wait. 🙂

I can wait … the workaround is to schedule the unplanned task to 2025 :)