Creating a project using Apple Shortcuts

I have created an Apple Shortcuts to create a bunch of tasks in OmniFocus based on due and defer dates. It’s working great if I add the new tasks to an existing project. I can’t figure out how to have Shortcuts create a new project in OmniFocus. For example, as a pilot I create a project for my next flight. Right now I can add a bunch of tasks to a project called “Next Flight” but ideally I want to create a new project called "Flight "+date+destination. Best scenario would be to create that new project inside a folder called “flights”.

Anyone have a suggestion?

There’s an excellent OmniFocus Plug-In by @kaitlin called Templates for OmniFocus.

For your example, you could create a template project for your flights and create placeholders for things like the «date» and «destination».

Kaitlin’s plug-in performs date math (e.g. you could have an action deferred until the date of your flight). You can even be prompted about which actions you want to include (e.g. for adapting the project to whether you’re filing an IFR or VFR flight plan). The template can also specify the destination folder for the project created based on the template.


Hi @imachias ,
here‘s an Apple Shortcut that creates a project in a „flights“ folder and a bunch of demo tasks in it.

Tell me if anything‘s not clear or missing.

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