Creating a project [with relative dates/times? A: currently not possible]


I have just downloaded this app. I have an idea how I want to use it but I am unable to figure out if I can.

I want to create a project such as “Travel to site A”. It will have a number of items in it. Once I get to site, I have to monitor a number of items at regular set time intervals. So if I get to site at 9AM, I will take samples at 9.15 and 9.45 and so on. If I get to site at 10AM, then I will take samples at 10.15 and 10.45 and so on… Its not a regular occurrence so I can’t set it as repeat. So my question is this, If I set a project as sequential, can I set the tasks up using time, so do task B 15 minutes after Task A and do Task C 30 minutes after Task B etc.


Unfortunately OmniFocus is not currently able to make those kinds of calculations. You can specify that Action B should not be available until after Action A has been completed (by using a sequential project type), but OmniFocus can’t calculate that Action B’s due date/time should be X amount of time later relative to any aspect of Action A.

Some of our customers have built templating systems that attempt to approximate this behavior—you might find one of those useful, if you are using the Pro version and have some AppleScript knowledge. Those can be found here: