Creating a reating weekly project with tasks due throughout the week

Every week I would like to read the entire edition of the Economist by reading one section each weekday and then completing the project. I would like a new project created to be then due the next Saturday with the subtasks of reading each section due the same days of the upcoming week.

For example:
Read Economist due Saturday dec 10
–read leaders section due 5
–Read US due dec 6

then when I complete the project a new one would be created that is the following:
Read Economist due Saturday Dec 17
–read leaders section due 12
–Read US due dec 13

can this be done?

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There is a wonderful Applescript that you can place on the OmniFocus toolbar that would probably be a solution. This comes courtesy of @joebuhlig.

You give it the number of pages in the book, the start date of when you want to read the book, and the end date of when you want to finish reading the book. It will create a series of next actions with the proper dates.


I know it’s not what you asked for, but have you considered putting weekly habits outside of OF to minimize clutter and false due dates (unless I’ve misunderstood and there is some consequence to why each of those newspapers need to be read on a specific day)? Personally I like the app Streaks, but there are a number of other habit apps out there.