Creating a "Working On" custom perspective

Hey all,

I don’t have the Pro license currently (I know, shame on me), and I’ve been tempted to get it to build a Custom perspective that would really help me keep my life straight.

I’m hoping you guys can tell me whether or not this is possible: I’d like a todo list featuring everything that is “in progress” or being “worked on”. If the Defer date is today, or any day before today, include that item. Then list the items in order of what’s due soonest. I don’t need to see any project or context-based hierarchy. So this would be like looking at a Gantt sheet, but instead of seeing a horizontal layout, just see a list of everything that’s due in order of “Due soonest” to “Due later”.

Yes you can do this, but it will also include any items which have not been deferred at all. For example, if you left an item without a defer date, and it was available, this task would also show up in your perspective.

If that’s what you’re after, then it’s very easy to do in a custom perspective. You can even group by due dates, so you can see all tasks “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “In the next week” (etc), grouped in order.

If you want to exclude tasks without a defer date, you can sort of do this, but you’ll have to group the tasks by defer date and not have a global “due” ordering.

If you Group by Defer Date, all the undated actions will appear under the title “Available Now.” Actions with a defer date of today appear under a group called “Available Today.”