Creating ADA Compliant PDFs

I’m creating a poster PDF for an online NIH conference, and need to add alt text for figures.

I use R to create figure PDFs that I drop into OmniGraffle.

The organizers suggest PowerPoint, but I really don’t want to use it.

I would appreciate any ideas.

Not sure if there is a question there. Is there something in you want help with? You are using the ‘Rubber Stamp’ to add figures but then what?

No, not using the rubber stamp, just dragging the PDFs in.

Let me rephrase:

How do I create an ADA compliant PDF (machine readable text, alt-text for images) in OG, considering also that some of the images are PDFs that I’ve dragged from an external program onto the canvas?

This might be one to directly ask Omni Support staff since it deals with how information is exported and placed into the correct spaces in a PDF (some internal knowledge of how OG creates a PDF from the drawing would be important). You can contact them using the Help -> Contact Omni with a test document so they can do some research from their end.

I tried going to multiple web sites that said “How to make you PDF ADA compliant” and most said “use the tools in the program!” Not helpful.