Creating multiple tasks in OF from a text file

Hi all,
I would like to create a series of OF tasks based on a sequential list of tasks-one task per line in a text file. I’d like to also include a due date and also a @context or #project if possible.

A sample file might look like:

12/30/2014, clean up my yearly file listings (context: office)
1/30/2015, do a review on my home finances (context: home)
1/2/2015, setup new color files for year projects (context: office)
3/20/2015, purchase birthday gift for wife (project: personal)

My thought is I can cut/paste into a text file a series of due tasks and their due dates so I don’t have to enter each one individually. I have task lists like these which cover the year and may include up to 40-50 items.

Any advice?