Creating new Project via the shortcut app on iOS

Hello all

I’m hoping this isn’t a silly question.

I would like to start creating a "standard’ project for my new customer jobs in the shortcuts iOS app.

The project is pretty simple

Project name:

21-03-20 [date added] - John Smith [customer name] - Fix computer [description of project]

Followed by a list of actions:

  • Add client details to contact
  • Job completed
  • Create invoice
  • Send feedback
  • Scan document(s)
  • File paperwork

From a couple of hours of searching the Internet, I can see people are using taskpaper to export the tasks.

  • Blank project @parallel(false) @autodone(false)
    • Add client details to contact @parallel(false) @autodone(false)
    • Job completed @parallel(false) @autodone(false)
    • Create Invoice @parallel(false) @autodone(false)
    • Send Feedback @parallel(false) @autodone(false)
    • Scan document(s) @parallel(false) @autodone(false)
    • File Paperwork @parallel(false) @autodone(false)

I would like to create a shortcut which I can save on my home page of my iPad which then creates a new project with the details above. I would be nice if I could get it to auto fill in the date in the project name and then prompt me for the customer name and then the description of the project before creating the project itself.

Could anyone point me in the right direction to create such a thing please?

Thanks in advance for any help you could give.


Check out this blog post from @rosemaryjayne

Sort of says it all.

I use templates stored in icloud with a shortcut that asks me what should replace the placeholders (more info on placeholders; see blogpost)
It then asks me where to put the project and puts it there for me.
About 20 seconds each time, and all I really have to do is manage the templates.
(On the mac these are also used with a script)

Shortcut link (it does use data jar and toolbox pro)

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Thanks Janov :) I’ll take a look at the precast and give the shortcut a go :) Really helpful, thanks again.

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