Creating new tasks anywhere you like

Wow – not only could you in Omnifocus for IOS 11 conveniently drag tasks wherever you like without entering the edit mode. You could also move tasks inside other tasks simply by dragging them to those tasks – much easier than the cumbersome method that was necessary before. And there’s one more thing… It was mentioned casually deep down in the release notes. It is finally possible to create new tasks anywhere you like in the IOS versions of Omnifocus. Similar to the method in Things 3, you just drag the Inbox icon to the place where you want your new task to appear. Very convenient, and very much longed-for!


I’m really impressed with the iOS 11 drag and drop additions as well. The ones you described are available on both the iPhone and iPad…and you can drag to and from other apps on the iPad.

For anyone who’s interested, I recently posted a free video on this subject:


The drag and drop inbox button is fantastic! Omni should advertise it more. I didn’t realize I could do that until I read this post.

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Thanks for the tip! But when I try to drag an item it doesn’t “stick”. It just “goes” back to the inbox. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

As you can’t show projects and inbox at the same time on the Ipad, I guess that you have tried to drop a task directly on the sidebar. That doesn’t work. To drag a task from the inbox, you have to do a two-finger trick: drag the task with one finger, and, while you hold that finger down, tap with another finger to locate your project, then drop the task on that project or on a task in that project.

Wonderful video, Tim. Nicely done and thanks for offering it to us at no cost. Very generous of you.

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You’re very welcome @ipersuade. Great to hear the video was helpful!