Creating Projects in Folders from Inbox Items

I have an item in my inbox and I want to create a new project containing the item as a first action. This can easily be done by pressing CMD-Return if I want to create the project in the top-level hierarchy. But: I use some folders to group my projects and since v2 it is not any longer possible to directly create projects inside folders. Or did I miss something?


You can still do it. You just need to type out the full folder name before the project name you want to create (and a : in-between).

“Some Useful Folder : Shiny New Project”


Thanks for the hint. Nevertheless this was much easier in V1:


  • Select project in same folder you want to create the project
  • Hit backspace until the first “:”
  • Type in name of project
  • Press cmd-return


  • Type in full folder hierarchy manually
  • Type in name of project
  • Press cmd-return

This is a bit inconvenient if you have a 2 folder hierarchies and a lot of projects as I have. It would be great to get back the old way…


I second this - please take a look at making this easier!

I was wondering, why don’t can’t OmniFocus 2 support autocomplition of folders for a “project name” even if this is as a preference somewhere (be it another hidden one)?