Creating sections in "Parallel Path" Projects, iPad


I only use OmniFocus on my iPhone and iPad (No Mac), centralize mainly on my iPad. I’m finding the constraint that I cannot setup multiple internal separate actions within the projects. I can only set an infinite string of actions with a project at the top level, but I can’t organize them into subgroups (or effectively, the parallel lines I need to actually complete the project).

Can someone explain how I would do this on an iPad?


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If I understand correctly, the functionality you want is there; it’s just a little awkward. From an action’s edit screen, use the ‘Move’ command and then select to move the action ‘inside another item’.

I hope that answers your question!

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I would have thought it was that simple, however when I click the move button, it only changes the items in a version where I can delete, or hold a three line button and slide them up or down. It does not let me put them into other actions.

Never mind! Turns out I as just out of date. It seems to be working now, thanks!

@nostodnayr More than a little awkward, I’d say. Outlining in OmniFocus for iOS is a mess! (See this.)

I was being exceedingly generous. (:

It’s easy enough to do since, in an effort to spare myself the bewilderment, I’ve simply given up on outlining on the iOS versions.

Adding to the bewilderment, the structure apparently is differently presented on the Ipad than on the Iphone. If you move tasks inside another task on the Iphone, they will be represented by small dots and possible to view in a separate view by tapping on the task containing them. Awkward, but at least functional and clear. If you do the same thing on the Ipad, the moved tasks will be shown indented in the list, but without a triangle for folding the level for better overview, and without a possibility to show the level in a separate view (tapping on the task containing them simply opens the window with the details for the task).

In my case, as I use the IOS versions and the Mac version separately, without syncing (probably unusual), I was tempted the other day to switch to 2Do for my IOS needs. I bought the app and tried it. Drag and drop - well, yes, to the top level lists, not to projects. Task hierarchy - well, you can create projects in the lists, and you can put tasks directly in the lists or in the projects. That’s it - no more levels (due to limitations in the solutions they have chosen for syncing)! It may be awkward to handle task hierarchies in Omnifocus for IOS, but it is at least possible. I really like the design of 2Do, but the app can’t do what I would like to use it for, so I will return it, buy the pro upgrade for Omnifocus for IOS instead, and send some suggestions for development to The Omni Group.

I truly hope Omni decide to rethink outlining in iOS. It really is a core function of the app, and its limitations might become a deal-breaker as the world begins to use the iPad as a main computer, or at least a first-class citizen in one’s ecosystem of devices. I for example estimate to be using the iPad almost exclusively within one year. The iOS app can no longer be considered auxiliary to the desktop app.