Creating smoothed orthogonal lines?

Is there a trick to do a curved connection like below?

Basically, it’s like “orthogonal” line type, but without kinks. I did this using bezier curve and a lot of tweaking and but the curves are still not perfectly identical

One low-effort option might be to use orthogonal lines and set the corner radius higher so that you have rounded corners rather than sharp corners. But that will never get as smooth as in your example above since each corner will still turn a full 90 degrees before the line turns back towards its destination.

The only way to get the sort of drawing you have above is to use Bézier curves, as you’re doing now. I do have some tips that might make this easier:

  1. Hold down Shift while moving your Bézier control handles to constrain their position to 45 degree angles from their associated vector point. This will make it easier to get a line that starts out headed in precisely the right direction. (In the diagram above, you would change the shape of the curve by dragging the point up and down along a vertical line.)

  2. Once you have your first line set up with the curve you want, you can duplicate that line and move its end points. Since your control handles will remain in the same positions relative to their control points, this will help your two curves match each other. (Another approach might be to turn on the canvas “Snap to grid” setting so that your control handles snap to similar grid positions, giving you similar curves.)

Hope this helps!