Creating text bullets?


Hi, I am trying to create a bullet list of text. I have looked in the inspector and in help and on these forums. Does anyone know how to create a bulleted list in a text box in Omnigraffle?

Many thanks…


Solved. Found the pull down…


@mva Hi there - it took me a minute to find the drop down as well. I didn’t realize you had to have rulers visible in order to select from list styles. Optionally, if you are dealing with a small list or just need a bullet, you can also insert the bullet character by keying option+8 = •


I’ve seen this functionality appear at the top of the canvas before that allows me to format text as a list, etc. but I cannot figure out how to make it appear. I have rules turned on, still no dice. Can someone explain? Thanks!


Wow, that is so discoverable (not). Thanks for clearing that up Tyler, I was wracking my brains in OG 7.


i still can’t fix it :((



It’s here, near the top. Just so it’s clear.


The words above didn’t help but your screenshot did!