Creating text w/ outline, setting colors & stroke thickness

I’m trying to put text on an image, meme style.

I need to create text with an outline, where I set the outline (stroke) color & thickness, the fill color of the text itself, while the rectangle object has no fill or outline. (NOT a fuzzy shadow, but a simple outline.)

The final product should be outlined text, w/ colors of my choice for fill & stroke, over an image object.

Great appreciation for an explanation of what obvious steps I’ve missed.

OmniGraffle 6.5.2
Mac OS 10.11.4

Hi Plutarch,

OmniGraffle does not currently have fill or stroke effects for text objects as you describe, but I’ll add your interest in this to that open feature request in our internal tracker. We can’t work in every feature that our users suggest, but we really appreciate them, and we can promise that each suggestion will be read and considered.

In order to produce text that has an outline stroke in the current release, you’d need to select a typeface which already has the desired stroke applied, like this.

OmniGraffle is a vector drawing tool and diagramming app, but it’s not really a raster image editor in the same vein as Acorn or Photoshop. Though it’s of course possible to use OmniGraffle to place annotations over text to some capacity, a dedicated image editor will likely offer more options and be a better fit for this particular purpose. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the rapid reply and straight answer.

I have a handle on the primary use cases of OmniGraffle, and the excellence with which your team services them. I was unhappy w/ the applications I’ve been using for overlaying text on pics, and assumed that OG would have more extensive control of text. I’m done with my “WHY DOESN’T THIS PROGRAM DO EVERYTHING?!?” tantrum now.

Again, thanks for your continuous attention to the highest standards of design and implementation.