Cross Project Dependencies

Just started using Omniplan, wondering if there is a way to manage cross-project dependencies between three projects?

I’m not sure of a way to manage dependancies between two projects. (As in one OmniPlan project must complete before the other) but you may be able to get a similar effect by syncing your resources + auto levelling if you have OmniPlan Pro. Resources wouldn’t be overloaded, so you’d get a similar effect to a F>S dependancy. (Person finishing the remain tasks they have in project 1, so they are available to start working on their tasks in project 2)

You can set up resource sharing by adding a new publish + subscribe action for “sync entire plan with OmniPlan server repositiory”, and selecting the checkboxes to publish and subscribe to resource loads. As long as you publish all of your projects using the same server, with the same resource emails, all of your resources will be spread out so they aren’t double booked. Should push project one AFTER project two, (they might cross over a bit if some of your resources are free at the end of project one) and they’ll stay in sync when you publish!


Not easily.

@toish has suggested one way, if shared resources are the dependency factor, all if Project B is dependent the completion of Project A.

If you’re thinking in terms of individual task dependencies (Task Y in Project B is dependent on Task X in Project A), it’s harder.

You could adapt the @toish idea by creating and allocating resources to the tasks, thus using resource dependency as a kind of back-door method. It can work, but it’s (IMHO) complex.

I would prefer the sub-project model supported by MS Project - I’m running a large project with 8 or so sub-projects where the dependencies are task- rather than project-related and the subproject model works well.

However, that’s no help, because that’s not a feature of Omniplan. Merlin Project does it, and I’ve found myself having to use Merlin for this kind of thing