Crosshair cursor

Is there an option or an addon to turn cursor into a crosshair with crosshair lines spanning the entire canvas?
So I can quickly see if objects are properly aligned for example.
Like it is implemented in AutoCAD:

(Try 2)
I don’t think so. Not one that travels with the cursor.

However, there are Smart Alignment and Distance Guides (under Arrange Menu) and you can create Horizontal and Vertical guide lines that can be moved to help. The Smart Alignment Guide is pretty handy and shows to which object you are aligning and the distance guide helps space things out.

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Thanks, that’s what I had to do eventually - add guidelines.
But I would LOVE to have AutoCAD style moving crosshair.

I can see a use for that. Maybe via an option in one of the menus under alignment guide or in Preferences. Submit to tech support so they can add it to the future features request list (which is monstorous!).